Lose your fear of dentists

I don’t have a good experience with dentists. Besides being very afraid, every place I went to became horrible because I always felt pain, or it was uncomfortable, anyway … any place I was going to do any treatment on the tooth was bad. I mean, I got trauma!

I spent years without going to the dentist and stopped taking good care of my teeth. I would not even clean it if I wanted to. The problem is that with 25 years in the face, my wisdom decided to be born. Well, first the toothache is an unbearable pain. My face was swollen, I felt a fever, I could barely eat … it was a horrible experience. Except that in addition to the pain, I felt that my top teeth were bending. Ready! My nightmare has come!

I spent days prolonging it, because my fear was too great. I thought the wisdom pain was less than the pain of going to the dentist to tear it out. Good, but as I said earlier, the biggest problem was my teeth that were leaving the place. I joked that I was lucky not to wear a device because my teeth were perfect, but I think I joked so much that they started to bend!

Anyway, after being so reluctant to go to the dentist, I had to go. Even my family even forced me to go because they were seeing my despair and my pain. I spent days without working because of my swollen face and it hurt a lot, not counting the fever that came every 40 minutes. It was a few weeks of pain.But before going, of course I looked for several recommendations that convinced me to go. I called several friends and friends, called my doctors, I called some family members, anyway … I know I consulted a lot of people and I even did internet searches to find some place that would give me 100% confidence. (It’s not 99%, it’s 100%)In this search, I found the Minty Dental Studio that was the place that gave me the most confidence. Aside from the indications, I’ve seen a lot of people on the internet talking well about the clinic. That’s why I decided to go there and take away all my traumas. It was very difficult for me, I confess, because it’s a very big trauma in my life, but I had to win it.It was feeling pain or pain. If I took the tooth out, at least I knew it would stop hurting. But on the other hand, my trauma deceived me and it seemed that I was going to die of pain, as it was the last time I went to the dentist. In conclusion, I got there and had the best service of all. Really.I would not lie since this is something that has really traumatized me for years and years. There was the only place I could feel totally comfortable. All the professionals were attentive to me and from the first attendance, I could rest easy as soon as they began to examine.I confess that I only went for the indication myself, but there really the professionals are of the highest quality and with a care that I never saw the same. From the care, to actually the procedure or the examination.I felt no pain as I took out the wisdom. Of course, the postoperative period is very chatty and painful. I spent time without eating right, feeding me only soups and food beatings, but this is part of the procedure. There is no way out of this. I still had a few days of rest, but it was very fast because my recovery is good and I do not like being trapped at home either.Anyway, the surgery was great and soon after I started the treatment to put my dental appliance that was also very quiet, by the way. I felt the normal pains of any treatment, but nothing compared to what I went through for years and years, which I do not even like to remember.To this day I still use the device, but I’m already in the final period as they, besides being great, are also fast in procedures. I really love their work and recommend it to everyone I know!If you also suffer from trauma at the dentist, trust me and go to

dentist pompano beach fl Minty Dental Studio!